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13 Top Reasons Why Los Angeles is a Great Place to Live In

A lot of people tend to feel a great sense of pride in the community they’re living in, even going as far as to claim that it’s the best in the country. However, only a select few can compare to the wonderful and amazing city that is Los Angeles.

Needless to say, LA can be considered one of the few places in the world where millions of people flock together just to make their dreams come true. It’s a city where seemingly countless opportunities, fun, adventure, culture, creativity, and experience are found.

Apart from that, it’s also home to iconic landmarks, sunny skies, and a vibrant cultural scene that are all available all year round. There’s basically no shortage to the list of reasons why Los Angeles could make for the perfect place to live. That said, if you’re planning to move to Los Angeles, then now is the time to sell your home and start packing.

But if you’re not convinced yet, then here are the top reasons why Los Angeles can be considered a great and amazing place to live in:

1. It’s a Melting Pot of Entertainment and Media

LA is considered the epicenter when it comes to media and entertainment. There, you’ll find a host of movies, music, and other sorts of entertainment that have been entertaining the entire world for years.

Additionally, the city’s entertainment industry gathers creativity, talent, and capital which results in the city being a unique melting pot of entertainment and media.

2. It’s Widely Diverse

If you’re afraid that you might get to live in a culturally exclusive city, then you might want to think again. As a matter of fact, Los Angeles is a widely diverse city that really represents the American “melting pot”. This means that you’ll get to see hundreds of nationalities all throughout the city.

In the greater LA area alone, there are more than 140 nationalities with almost 100 different languages. You’ll even get to see tons of nationalities that have their very own neighborhoods like Chinatown, Koreatown, Thaitown, Filipinotown, and more!

Due to how diverse the city is, you can get the perfect opportunity to meet new people coming from various parts of the world even without having to leave the country! This also gives you the opportunity to mingle with people and get to discover their culture, history, language, and more.

3. The Real Estate Industry is Booming

According to a lot of experts in the real estate industry, the Los Angeles housing market has been growing continuously right after it crashed in 2006. Back in 2016, the city experienced an 18.4% increase in the Los Angeles housing prices, and while this could mean that the prices are higher when you look for a home for sale Los Angeles, it could also indicate that the surrounding areas are experiencing a booming industry.

Perhaps one of the best things about the real estate industry in the city is that there’s something for everyone. Therefore, if you’re trying to look for a Los Angeles housing for rent or a new house to buy, then you can definitely find one in the area.

This is also a good thing if you’re living in LA and are looking to sell home on your own as chances are high that you’ll be able to find a good buyer right away.

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4. You Gain Access to World-Class Education

With around 106 colleges within 50 miles of the city, you can surely find plenty of opportunities to continue your studies or start an undergraduate career. Apart from that, there are top-ranked schools such as the Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount University, and UCLA in the area which only goes to show that LA is really serious when it comes to education!

5. It’s a Foodie’s Haven

We’ve mentioned Los Angeles as a culturally diverse city where you can get to meet a lot of new people from various cultures and nationalities. While it can mean getting to learn other cultures, it could also mean that you can get access to a wide variety of authentic cuisines including burritos, ramen, Korean bbq, and more!

However, even without all those authentic cuisines from various nationalities, LA still has a lot of options to offer in terms of food. If you’re looking for fine dining, you can find establishments like Beverly Hills’ Spago, Providence, BOA Steakhouse, or Santa Monica’s Melissa.

If you’re looking for some hip spots, you can visit Wurstkuche for their craft beer and sausages or the Silver Lake Thai’s Same Same. There’s virtually an endless supply of options when it comes to food in the city. Aside from that, new restaurants open up every weekend, thereby adding to the city’s massive list of dining spots.

With all that said, Los Angeles is hands down one of the most dynamic cities for foodies. Whether you want fine dining or simply dine on a budget, you can surely find tons of options in the city. Moreover, the fact that the city is located near the Pacific Ocean makes it a prime location for some of the finest and freshest seafood out there.

6. It Has Great Weather All Year Round

LA is definitely the very meteorological definition of paradise. Being located between the mountains and the coast allowed the city to be set in a location where residents can enjoy the perfect climate all year round. Basically, if you don’t like weather extremes, then LA is an excellent place to live in. It has an average temperature of 75 degrees, and you can get to enjoy the sunshine for around 300 days every single year. This means there’s plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy outdoor activities and adventure!

If you’ve been living in New York, you’ll clearly see the difference when you come to LA. Not only does the city’s great weather makes living a lot more convenient since you no longer have to pack your snow boots or put on layers of warm jackets, but it also allows you to engage in tons of outdoor activities that you normally won’t experience that much in other, colder regions.

Despite getting really sunny all day long, the city does cool off at night, thereby allowing you to get a really comfortable sleep. And in the event that it gets any colder, you can just put on a jacket and you’ll be good to go.

7. There’s Plenty of Concerts and Live Music Shows

Aside from being dubbed “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, Los Angeles has no shortage of talented musicians. In fact, the music industry gets to share the spotlight with the city’s entertainment industry.

Various recording studios the likes of The Greek Theater, Capitol Records, The Hollywood Bowl, and Rhino Records are all found in the city. It’s also the city where known music figures such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beach Boys, and Snoop Dogg are born.

Aside from that, the city has been hosting various music festivals every year with around 200,000 people attending. If you’re simply touring the city, you’ll be able to see concerts and live rock shows. Meanwhile, if you choose to live in the city, then you’ll get to see such events happening almost every day. There are even bars that host live music every night for a small fee or even for free.

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8. It’s Home to World-Class Art Museums

If you’re an art lover, then you’ll surely be glad to find out that Los Angeles has no shortage when it comes to world-class art museums. In fact, it’s home to some of the well-known art museums around the world such as the Getty Center, Geffen Contemporary, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to name a few.

Apart from its world-class exhibits, you can also witness tons of artists flocking the streets of LA displaying their amazing works of art ranging from murals to architectures. In addition to that, there are also various galleries that feature artworks from both established and fledgling artists including the LA Louver, Hauser & Wirth, and La Luz de Jesus.

9. You’ll Find Tons of Geek and Nerd Stuff

In LA, there’s everything for everyone, and if you’re a geek or nerd at heart, then you’ll definitely be amazed by the city’s many comic book shops, game-inspired art shows, and more. There are galleries like the Gallery 1988 and iam8bit which both feature exhibits of various video games, movies, and TV shows. There’s also the Angel City Brewery and Game Haus which allow their guests to pick from a wide selection of board games.

If you’re into video games, you can head to either One Up, Button Mash, EightyTwo, or Blipsy. For comic book fanatics, there are plenty of comic books and graphic novels in various comic book stores like Secret Headquarters and Golden Apple Comics.

You can also join in one of the many special studio tours which are available at Warner Brothers or Universal Studios.

10. It’s Situated in a Very Strategic Location

While LA’s weather is one of its major highlights, the fact that it’s situated in a very strategic location is more than enough to convince you to settle in the city. The fact that you can head to an outdoor adventure in the mountains then go swimming in one of the city’s beaches all on the same day can be compelling enough for you to move.

Also, lots of houses for sale in the city grant access to these locations, so you can always find a home for sale near me in Los Angeles that will give you the opportunity to go on an outdoor adventure almost immediately.

11. There’s World-Class Public Transportation

Despite having nightmarish commutes and freeway gridlocks, the city’s public transportation is actually considered world-class. In fact, it’s home to one of the best public transportation networks around the world, thanks to its network of buses, subways, light railways, and shuttles that will take you to almost every corner throughout the greater LA area. The best thing about this is that this massive network keeps on growing with the addition of new rail lines that are added on a regular basis.

Moreover, the city was also ranked 9th in the US for its public transit system which has been made possible by the considerable improvements done by the city government. Additionally, it ranked 13th in the list of the most walkable cities throughout the US.

12. There’s Plenty of Opportunities for Business, Career, and Education

If you’re looking for a place where you can find tons of business, career, and education opportunities, then you’ll definitely find them all in Los Angeles. Apart from being known as the entertainment capital of the world, LA is also considered the manufacturing and international trade capital in the US.

According to statistics, it has over $500 billion in annual output, making its economy the largest throughout the world. Moreover, it has a GDP that’s significantly larger than that of Sweden, Switzerland, and even Saudi Arabia.

For entrepreneurs and startups, there are lots of business incentives in the city. You also get access to seven different foreign trade zones which is quite advantageous if your business is about imports and exports. Also, the city’s cultural diversity provides businesses with access to a huge workforce across various industries.

13. It Provides the Best Bang for Your Buck

While Los Angeles might not be the cheapest city you can live in, it’s definitely one of those places that can give you a lot more value for your money. In fact, compared to other major cities like New York, you don’t have to pay tons of money every month just to get a roof over your head.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell home by owner, then you’ll surely enjoy amazing rates and even get buyers pretty quickly than if you were to sell your properties in other cities. All it takes is proper knowledge on how sell home by owner and enlisting the help of a real estate agent.

Apart from your shelter, the city’s rich selection of food, amazing public transportation, and various outdoor activities all provide the best value for your money.

sell house by owner los angeles


Los Angeles is no doubt the city that has it all. From the wide selection of food to various recreational activities, you can surely find everything you could ever need in the city. If you’re still thinking about whether to move to Los Angeles or not, just take a look at the reasons we mentioned above to convince you.

If you live in LA and want to sell your house, let us show you how we can help! Even if you’re working with a realtor, we’ll get you an offer.


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