How To Sell House in Los Angeles

Just Say, “I want to Sell my house”- in Los Angeles. We will be at your place right away!

Do you want to sell your house faster in Los Angeles? Just say it and we’ll be at your place to assist you for a smooth and hassle-free transition to make a fair deal. When you contact NELA Group®, you’re put in touch with local property investor who knows your neighbourhood, because we do live in it, too. We can schedule an appointment to meet you and visit your house right away. On our first visit we can perform a thorough valuation of your property and can offer you on the first visit – that’s not only because of our experience with the real estate market of Los Angeles, we can usually make a fair, firm offer on the spot, the first time we visit you and your house. We can close in as faster as possible or as per your scheduled deadline.

Every House is Unique and home owners too.

We have been helping homeowners dealing with selling their house troubles than any other real estate companies that buy houses in Los Angeles, but every time, we’ve worked with each house and sellers are unique, seeing if there’s anything additional we can do help to make this difficult transition easier as much as possible.

Sell your house fast “as it is.”

Yes – you read it correct. It’s as simple as it sounds—you show us your house, sell us your house, exactly as it is right now. You don’t have to hire a construction contractor, have strangers come through for showings, get a realtor, use a paint brush, or run the vacuum cleaner to clean the house etc. You can even leave us the house as it is, in its current condition to handle after you’ve taken everything you want. There is no easier way to sell your house fast in Los Angeles with NELA Group. Yes we do mean it without any second thought.

You don’t need to pay to sell your home fast.

We’re The Nela Group, experienced and professional real estate consultants will help you in selling and buying your homes in Los Angeles and know the best price of your properties. There’s no extra cost for us to visit your house, and we don’t charge you any commissions. You’re under no obligation to accept our offer, so you have nothing to lose to find out how much value we could pay for your house—nothing except the stress it’s causing you now.

Over Three Decades Of Proven Real Estate Development Success