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Sell Fixer-Upper Fast in Los Angeles

Why Agents Love us?  Sell Fixer-Upper Fast in Los Angeles. Become A Partner Today.

Selling a fixer-upper in Los Angeles faster and off-market could be interesting with an additional referral fee on top of the seller-paid commission. Yes – that’s possible with us with The NELA Group.

Selling A House in As-Is Condition – No Repair Required.

Selling a house in Los Angeles that requires a lot of repair and maintenance can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Homes in need of repair often go unseen and unclicked because they’re at the bottom of a long list of homes to view on real estate listing companies’ websites. The Nela Buys Homes will make you vigilant and above the very common competition in Los Angeles real estate market by offering prior two weeks off-market selling process.

Sell Your Home Off-Market – Get an Extra Referral Fee

We do invite dynamic and self-made real estate brokers in Los Angeles to get a no-obligation propriety valuation on spot. If you have a fixer-upper property in your cart then we’d love to see it and make you an offer before you list it anywhere else – if the property owner allows to entertain the whole process. Our real estate valuation team of experts will visit your property and you’ll get to know the actual price range before it goes live and listed on websites. As a real estate investor since 1988 in Los Angeles, the Nela Group could assure you that our allied agents will get the best offer and an additional 0.5% commission on top of the seller-paid commission.

Why agents Love us?  

It’s not all about paying a great and more commission only, we understand the needs that will make you more strongly to crack the deal. Before we move further on any transaction we do strictly follow principle as follows:

  • Clear understanding and value proposition
  • Not only more commissions, get more freedom
  • Right move, training and support
  • Greater work-life balance


Let’s Meet Soon!

The beautiful thing that comes with experience is the ability to relax. You know when we put an offer in that we have done our research, we are factoring in all elements, and we won’t embarrass you with huge price reductions and delays. We have been in business since 1988. In order to continue growing a thriving business since that time, we must be doing something right. We know you can look for other investors and someone else might be a fit for a different type of project. But when you have a distressed Single Family Home in Prime Areas of Los Angeles. Contact Us. We’ll Get It Done.

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