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6 No-Cost Tips To Sell Your House Faster In Los Angeles

Are you looking to buy a new place as soon as possible, but you couldn’t until you close the deal on your first one? Well, many people are facing the same situation. Either they are getting married, or extending their family or just wanting to move to a smaller place after retirement. But to buy a new home, they need to sell the old one first. If you don’t want to wait for months to get an offer on your house, you need to go the extra mile to make your offer more lucrative. 

Many of us can’t afford to do the complete makeover of the house before selling it. Neither can we afford a complete renovation to make the old house as entirely new. But there are six best tips which are cost-effective and take very little effort and time but guarantee you more offers than usual. 

Let’s look at these 6 No-Cost Tips, which will help us sell our house faster in Los Angeles. 

6 Cost-Effective Tips To Sell House Faster In Los Angeles 

Selling a house is not easy. It can be a stressful process, especially if you’re putting it on the market. Finding the right real estate is not the only job that will help you sell your house quicker. But, the selling process shouldn’t be placed entirely in your agent’s lap. Therefore, we have created a list of top 6 tips that can help you sell your home faster. 

Tip # 1: Think Like A Buyer 

If you are selling your old house, you will be buying a new one. Now, put yourself in a buyer shoe and create a list of things you would want in your new house. It is evident that people have different needs, but some basic requirements are common for every buyer. What basic things you would want to see in your new home, which can either make the deal or break the deal. 

  • Clean and tidy Kitchen with all basic appliances 
  • Proper ventilation in the house 
  • A storage place to keep excessive luggage or unused furniture 
  • Washrooms with the proper sewage system 
  • No leakages or seepages 
  • No broken walls or holes in ceilings 

A clean and tidy house is all a buyer need where they don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it livable. What you want yourself, consider the same for the buyer? So, if your house needs some major maintenance, do it. If you can’t afford to do it, then adjust the cost in the selling price so the buyers can consider it fair. 

The best gesture you can portray for your buyers is to show them a clean house. Consider this cleaning more than your run-of-the-mill weekend tidy-up. Think of it as spring cleaning on steroids. You’ve got to think about what buyers look for and get down to the nitty-gritty so that even the smallest details of your house shines like a star. From ceiling to the floor, and from doors to the windows, and baseboards to the tile grout, no surface goes uncurbed. 

Tip # 2: Price Your Property Just Right 

Sometimes your pride makes you price your house more than it worth. Every person has some emotional sentiments attached to their houses, but it doesn’t mean the same is the case with the buyer. They will see your house as a property that should be priced fairly and as per the market. No matter what you have spent your entire life. Or, your one generation has grown in this house. Or, your daughter got married in the backyard with a white theme wedding. A buyer just value based on your asking price compared to the price in the market. 

Do remember that nothing kills a good deal faster than an over-priced property. If you have hired an excellent real estate agent, then ask their advice for the price. This is not to say that you shouldn’t participate in the price decision. You also need to do some research on your own to see the prices in the market. In the Los Angeles market, it’s still a buyer’s market, and the days of bidding wars are mostly long gone. Ask for a price that will motivate the buyers into making an offer quickly. The wise decision is to price your home aggressively. In such a case, you may even create a bidding war and drive the overall sale price up to where you wanted it to be in the first place. 

If you are not comfortable with the price in the market, perhaps you should sit tight and sell later. 

Last Note: Buyers are more educated than ever these days. If you are going to ask for more price than the market, then your house is better. 

Tips # 3: Don’t Hide The Shortcoming Of Your Property 

Every house has its good or bad points. Most people only list the right points to sell a property, but they forget that the buyer has the right to sue the seller for hiding the shortcoming of the house. Knowing how to sell your property while acknowledging those shortcomings upfront with potential buyers and other agents won’t waste anyone’s time, including yours. The potential buyers much appreciate the honesty. Using superlatives in your listing like “immaculate,” or the often-abused “gourmet chef’s kitchen,” unless your property truly offers buyers those characteristics is another best practice. Your listing should be carefully written so that it is an honest portrayal of your home. Photos are considered as deceptive. It can be either in benefit or detriment to the seller. There is nothing worse for a buyer than to be excited by the online presence of a property only to being disappointed upon actually seeing the home. 

Tip # 4: Get Your PR Hat On And Pitch Your House In Media 

Assuming that you have done all your homework. Your house is in perfect condition, you have cleaned it nicely. You have taken awesome pictures to prove your claims about the house in high resolution. But you still need someone to market in a way that will grab potential buyers’ attention. If your house is unique either architecturally or historically, it should be created in a story that will sell itself. If you have a writer in yourself, well and good. If not, then find someone who can create a story of your house. The next step is to do a little research to see what would be appropriate for your property as well as who to pitch the story to specifically if the publication does not offer a tip line or email contact. But on the high end, you have outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the New York Times to pitch your house for people living in Los Angeles. 

Some outlets are architecturally driven, like Curbed, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, and many others. Even check your local paper to see if they spotlight properties for sale in your town or region. 

Tips # 5: Host Open Houses 

Having an open house will help you sell the house quickly. Not only will the buyers visit to see the house, but some agents keep checking open houses to see if the property fits their clients. These agents can be the best option to sell your home faster as they already have pre-approved clients to buy the house. 

As far as potential buyers are concerned, many people are looking for the best option to either buy for themselves or to invest. Instead of looking at the pictures on the internet, these people love to see the real deal. They will visit your house to inspect the condition of your house and compare it with the other ones they have visited. If you have put the fair price on your house, chances are they will buy the house immediately. 

Tips # 6: Search Your Network To Market Your House 

Relying on your real agent to sell the house might take more time then you expected. Instead, you could do a lot better by searching for potential buyers yourself. Search your network, including people you work with or are friends with or people you know from college or university. Ask them to spread the word about your property in their network. Use your usual coffee shop to hang some broachers or a fresh poster of your house with a caption of “Open for Bid.” This way, you can save the commission on your agent’s fees. 

This is it for now. These tips are low-cost, effective ways to sell your house faster in Los Angeles. Apply these tips and see the result yourself, even if you are selling without an agent. A little research on the property market before you even start looking for buyers is always good. Do the research before putting a “Selling” sign on your porch. If you’re a real estate agent helping your client sell their house fast, get an instant offer to sell it even faster! You can even read client success stories to help you decide, or contact us today!

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