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5 Staging Tips to Sell your House Faster in Los Angeles 

Are you selling a house in Los Angeles? Well, staging may help you to sell your home faster. You need to make your house presentable with some easy-to-do staging tricks. Staging a house helps buyer to imagine themselves living there. Potential buyers may have seen perfect houses in person or on home listing sites. So, planning to stage your house is very important.  

Take it this way, when you are buying something for yourself, you want to buy the best thing. Similarly, you should make your house beautiful for potential buyers. Do it right, and you will crack the deal in no time.  

As per a report published by the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Staging Stats report, 49% of buyer’s realtors think that home staging has a powerful impact on buyers. Whereas, 77% of buyer’s realtors believe that home staging makes it easier for the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. On the other hand, 21% of seller’s realtors think that home staging increases the value of the home from 6% to 10%. Whereas, 39% of seller’s realtors agree that it makes it very easy to sell a house in no time.  

When you have so much to gain, there’s no harm in putting some effort and money into staging your house for buyers. Do remember, you don’t need to crash your bank account to do the job. With little spending, you can add a new life to your home. Take a look at these five best staging tips to sell your property faster in Los Angeles.  


5 Staging Tips to Sell a House Faster in Los Angeles 

Here are some of the expert-guided home staging tips to stage a house for a quick sale. Each tip will appeal to homebuyers with a variety of tastes and preferences. 


Tips # 1: Declutter the space and Highlight the Best Features of the House 

If you have too much furniture, it will be very difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in the house.  

Remove all the clutter from the living area, dining hall, bedrooms, and kitchen. Shift all unnecessary luggage and furniture in the basement or the garage. Make sure that the trash cans are empty and the bathrooms are clean. Spray some air fresheners throughout the house, especially in the bathrooms. It will be an additional plus point. Make sure your closest are properly managed and not overflowing with the belongings. Make some room in the closets so that buyers can take a good look at the space.  

Every home has some features that differentiate it from others. Make sure that you highlight the main features of your house. For example, if your house has a fireplace, arrange the furniture to make it a focal point. If your home has a swimming pool or a spa, stage the area with neutral patio furniture, so you don’t detract from the water feature. Let your house speaks its story itself as the buyer walk through the home. Beautiful staging will help you guide the buyer’s eye to any feature you want to show off. 


Tips # 2: Decorate Kitchen and Bathroom 

The kitchen is like the heart of the home. It’s an obvious statement, but it can’t be overstated enough. Clean kitchens and bathrooms help sell the house quicker than you think. Kitchens and bathrooms influence potential buyers the most. Make sure that these spaces are neat and clean.  

Use paper plates, cups, and utensils to cut back on dirty dishes on the day of an open house. Hang clean white towels at the bathrooms — polish the floor and sanitary in the bathroom. Clean the walls and hardware. Similarly, in the kitchen, make sure there are no dirty dishes, no stains of oil, and all the cabinets are clean and shinning. If possible, install new hardware on the cabinets. Place some flowers at the corner, hang new decorations, and put the special crookery on the shelves.  


Tips # 3: Hang Drapes on the Windows 

Drapes are way cooler then cheap blinds. Don’t leave your windows bare naked. Hang some drapes that will make your windows look much more substantial than if you use an alternative. They also have the power to set the tone of a room. Make sure the drapes you select should match or compliment the color scheme of the room. Here’re some additional pointers for you.  

  • For places like the living room and kitchen where spend most of the time, hang hovering drapes. It is a style of drapes that gives just a finger space between the floor and the curtain, leaving the hem clean and dust-free. 
  • For places like bedrooms and draining rooms, go with tailored drapes. These drapes are stylish and give a classic look. It is a drape with a slight break or fold above the hem. An extra half-inch of stylish customer design will add glamor to space.  
  • For places like a spacious dining room, try to go with a formal drape. It is a style where the hem falls in excess onto the ground, reveals a dramatic atmosphere. The longer the overflow, the more dramatic the room will look. This style of drape requires to be adjusted often as the fabric may move out of place. 


Tips # 4: Let the Natural Light Enter the House 

Most buyers tend to visit an open house in the day time so they can examine the space in daylight. It is one of the most impactful home staging tips to maximize the natural light by opening curtains and shades. If your room has only one window than hang a mirror in a place where the sunlight direct hits it to reflect the light and make the area larger and brighter. Having a light color on the walls also help to maximize the brightness of the daylight.  

Opening up the windows help you to let the natural light in as well as it can remove the unwanted scent, which can distract the buyer. Turn on the lights in the house so that the house will look bigger and brighter.  


Tip # 5: Decorate the House in a Neutral and Natural Style 

Too much personalization can have a bad impact on a buyer as they cannot imagine the place as their own. Try to minimize the personalized stuff. Before having an open house, try to redecorate the house more neutrally and naturally. You can always research on the internet about what is trending for house decorations. The first step you need to do is to put down the family photos from the walls. Taking you and your family out of the picture will help the potential buyer to picture themselves in your space.  

If necessary, hang some simple artwork and add neutral décor around the house. Don’t forget, little items can fill your space and can impact as a focal point for the buyers. Don’t let the walls and sofas empty that can be a BIG NEGATIVE POINT too.  

Take these tips as your mentor for choosing the artwork and décor: 

  • Do you want to offend people coming to visit your home as potential buyers? No, you don’t. So, instead of hanging religious images, try hanging more neutral artwork like landscapes and flowers.  
  • Too big and too small, both are bad when it comes to selecting the art pieces. If the artwork is too big, it will take most of the space, and the room will look crowded. Similarly, if the artwork is too small, it will get lost in the room instead of creating magic. The rule of thumb is that artwork should be 75% of your furniture’s space. For example, if you have a painting to hang over the fireplace, it should be the equal size as the opening of the fireplace.  
  • Your artwork and decoration pieces should complement the color scheme of your house. The rugs, pillows on the sofas, paintings, statues, vases, and flowers, everything should have a connection with each other.  
  • If you have purchased some amazing wooden artwork from Thailand, or you have bought a famous artist painting. Don’t hang it just right away. You should consider the arrangement before hanging it. Lay it down on the floor and see how it goes with other pictures or decoration pieces at the same spot. The painting might not complement the color of the wall.  
  • You can change the entire look of boring old furniture by placing some decorative pillows on it. Adding a few to your couch, chair, or bed will add a dramatic effect while also allowing the pieces to pop in listing photos. 


We hope these home staging tips inspired you to get started! Though some of these home staging tips may seem daunting, they don’t have to be if they are performed well in advance.  If you are an agent and you want to get your client an instant offer, reach out! You can also explore resources for moving in order to help you get to the best home for you!


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