At SolViz Capital LLC, we are focused on locating assets with significant value-add opportunity for our investors. To meet different investors’ specific goals, we have several investment opportunities available:

  • Multi-Family: Long term Value-Add Opportunities as well as Ground Up Developments for long term cash flow and appreciation over time.
  • Commercial: Long Term Value-Add Opportunities through the renovation of old buildings or the development of new construction commercial for long term hold, cash flow and appreciation.
  • Single Family: Short Term Value-Add Opportunities through renovations and flips within less than 6 months time.

We are primarily focused on investing in prime Southern California locations where real estate values consistently rise. Our team works tirelessly analyzing market trends and boasts a long track record of successful real estate investment decisions with impressive returns. Whether your interest is in the short-term value-add of single-family projects, or the long-term value-add of multi-family or commercial endeavors, our team is knowledgeable and ready to advise you.

Over Three Decades Of Proven Real Estate Development Success